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The two fundamental truths to build your author website around

Choosing a template with a sidebar is a good way to promote your latest book or a list of upcoming events. Visit www.

  • If Amazon is the most important retailer for books, Goodreads has emerged as the most important community for book lovers.
  • Adding a small bio that describes your writing, books, genre, and style, along with information about upcoming releases or appearances is the best way to give your fans what they are looking for.
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  • Think long-term and never assume that the solution you choose today will be around in a few years, much less a decade from now.
  • What networks should I use?

They are good at selling books. Behind the podium? I definitely went to her site as a new freelance writer! This approach makes you more human. What problem does this book solve?

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You can include your phone number as well. Your work: past publications, keywords in projects, future plans Your credentials: press mentions, accolades, awards Your history: relevant personal and professional aspects of your background The most important info should appear both on the homepage and in your biography.

Authenticity is more important than production value.

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Everything you Writers websites design site is the Wikipedia page about yourself. Contact: Your contact page is how your fans, press, agents, publishers, or anyone who might want to book you for a speaking engagement can easily reach out to you.

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You can easily add a high-resolution version of your photo as a File Download Element for members of the press to use. Handing shipping requires customer service and packing tape.

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Be sure to change this see illustration at right. It should have everything about you and your writing. Putting it in the sidebar or footer of your website is a good idea as it will then display on each page of your site.

Author Websites: 10 Design Tips, Ideas and Examples for The Writers Website | Orbit Media Studios It has your face. Even the books the shop is specifically recommending are stacked side-to-side with the competition.

Your readers are coming to the only place in the world that is just about your books, so show them teaching cover letter for resume collection. Connect your website to every social media network where you are active.

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Make sure you have a Google Plus listing and a YouTube channel as these are Google properties and usually show up pretty high in search rankings themselves. Appearing in all the search results that you want online advertising essay take time, but by following the advice in this guide, you will be successful.

Author Website Design By Bizango | Custom Web Design & Branding

One of the first things I did when I wanted to become a freelance writer was start a blog for my business. However much pay to do assignments matter intend to use it, your brand should be on Facebook and Twitter and icons for those sites should be easily visible on your site.

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The best option for running an email newsletter for writers is MailChimp. While Alicia has moved on to being a paranormal author, I still love her writer website! Select the right template for your author website 2.

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  4. Not just on the About page, but on the homepage.
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Now, several iterations later, my website is a place to show editors my clips, entice writers to take my e-courses, convince systemische coaching bachelorarbeit familientherapie to buy my books, reach out to the media and land speaking engagements. Sign up for free at contently.

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