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The Essay As Form When driven by linguistic music and associative speculation as much as by facts, the essay becomes a conceptual hybrid, existing between poetry and prose and making the most of techniques associated with both.

We will experiment with the value of "shock effects" in appropriation techniques, while also inquiring into the example of a thesis statement for an analytical essay of "authorship" and "property. Students who transferred to EMU may have modified general education requirements based on MACRAO or articulation agreements; consult your academic adviser for additional information.

See specific agreements for details.

Graduating students can send these documents even before graduation so that they can already have interview offers should they pass the minimum requirements of the business where they applied for a specific work position.

Alumni Our alumni have meaningful careers in a variety of careers and workplaces. For official course descriptions, see the EMU catalog. The Lyric Essay What is gained by foregrounding a lyric sensibility within a narrative or eastern michigan creative writing tradition?

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The Long Poem and Serial Works The course offers advanced undergraduate creative writing students a simultaneously structured practical, project oriented and open exploratory, individually focused environment in which to work in poetic, hybrid, serial, and new genre long forms.

Requirements include weekly writing and reading assignments, a midterm, and a final project.

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We have a high doctoral placement record, and most successful applicants receive full funding. Best new yorker essays of all time develop strategies for generating enthusiasm for writing and also consider the rhetorical, historical and ideological dimensions of those strategies.

  • At most 8 credit hours of physical education PEGN activity courses will be counted toward this requirement.
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  • Notes: Each student must choose a writing intensive course as part of major completion requirements.
  • Earn the minimum number of credits in level and above courses in each major and minor as specified below - these credits must be earned in distinct courses; that is, no course can be used to fulfill this requirement in more than one major or minor.

We'll examine issues of language, form and meaning in the context of contemporary visual art, artists' books, and graphic novels. It provides a practicum for the completion and presentation of a fully realized creative work that reflects students' academic and artistic progress in the Creative Writing Program.

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How are bodies marked and what does this marking have to do with writing? Writing on the Job. Earn a minimum total of credits at the level and above.

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Connect with us:. Earn a minimum of 30 credits from courses taken at EMU.

  • The interdisciplinary nature of the Creative Writing Major encourages students to minor in areas such as Philosophy, Art and Drama.
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  • We will read poetry, fiction, personal essays, and screenplays that retell old stories such as the myths of Heracles and Persephone, fairy tales such as Rumplestiltskin and Snow White, and fables featuring the clever fox, to generate new works, and we will approach these texts as creative writers with an eye to learning how to remake the old tales ourselves.
  • Writing on the Job.
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Documentary Writing This workshop will introduce the writer to various creative approaches to appropriation creative writing words and meanings conceptual writing in both theory and practice. Note: some programs may require a higher GPA - check with your program advisor.

Writing for Performance The course offers undergraduate writers a mix of writing a research proposal method, reading, and group experiences that support interaction with contemporary poetry and text-based performance.

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Continue your studies with our master's program in creative writing. The investigation of poetics assists writers in articulating the relationship of their poetry to social, aesthetic, historical, linguistic, and philosophical frameworks. Writing Environments An interdisciplinary workshop and reading group that offers a range of approaches to thinking-in-writing about what has become a crucial word, "environment.