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The main idea is that you are excited that he won a million dollars. Look at the following example of how a piece of evidence can be analyzed dissertation case study support the point you are trying to make: When quitting smoking, support is essential.

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Go and visit the Montreal brother! If so, then the section you covered up is non-essential.

Second, a good paper will let the reader understand your argument from the beginning to the end.

Why is Evidence Needed? Keep in mind that a summary is shorter than the original source.

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Other Resources. She has come for a visit.

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Read and understand the original source. There are four ways to introduce evidence: Use a short signal phrase, such conestoga college writing services "According to," "Research has shown," or "The authors note": According to Stead and Lancasteran individual is twice as likely to quit smoking when they have the support of a group or face-to-face instruction as opposed to solely relying on self-help materials p.

The conclusion summarizes thesis or statement of intent.

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Rather than including conestoga college writing services examples or specific pieces of evidence, make sure you provide the reader with the main idea of the source, the key arguments or points, and any findings or conclusions. If you do include any specific pieces of evidence, you must provide a full citation author, year, page or paragraph number.

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Outcomes Be able to use APA Conestoga writing an abstract mla maintain Academic Integrity Examine expectations for including evidence, in-text citations, and references Reading Your Research Description: In this minute hands-on workshop, students will explore how to effectively read academic and creative writing similarities.

How To Use It To summarize, you must use your own buy cover letters. Rewrite the conestoga college writing services using your own words and your own sentence structure. Paraphrasing What It Means To paraphrase a piece of evidence means to write the author's idea using your own words and sentence structure.

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The conclusion summarizes the main points of the body. Body Paragraphs Topic sentence: Present one of the main points to connect to the thesis.

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When To Use It There are a couple of times conclusion of ict assignment summarizing is the most appropriate action: You do not want to focus on specific examples in the source. Example The car that is red is mine.

Editing - Writing & Citing - Library Services at Conestoga College The main idea is that you are excited that he won a million dollars. If you want to quote more than this, do not quote it all at once.

Make sure you group the information into a couple of sentences at a time and include your own critical thinking between the quoted sentences. Steps for Writing a Paraphrase 1.

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However, where he lives is not important to the main idea because you don't have to differentiate the rich brother from any others.