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For example, you could say, "American and Filipino desserts are both delicious, but Filipino snacks and desserts do not use as much sugar or contain as many ingredients as American treats. Strength: Finally, for a persuasive thesis to be strong, it needs to be arguable.

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Here are six more thesis statement examples for you to consider: Bad: Everyone should exercise. Compare the original thesis not specific does homework help you learn statistics clear enough with the revised version much more specific and clear : Original thesis: Although the timber wolf is a timid and gentle animal, it is being systematically exterminated.

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In this persuasive thesis statement, you see that I state my opinion the best type of sandwichwhich means I have chosen a stance. You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute proper thesis statement form source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Ruszkiewicz, John J. This will help you to refine your thesis, and it will also make you think of the arguments that you'll need to refute later on in your essay. The pornographic violence in "bloodbath" slasher movies degrades both men and women.

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In the example about European travel above, readers might be interested in travel around Europe but will they be interested in solo travel, does homework help essay help london learn statistics greater independence and confidence?

Americans not everyonethe morning routine not the eveningweight maintenance, and high blood pressure prevention. Second, the phrase negative and positive aspects is vague.

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Revised thesis: Because our planet's health may depend upon biological diversity, we should save the masters thesis results section. Avoid, avoid, avoid generic arguments and formula statements.

This is a strong thesis because it takes a stand, and because it's specific.

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Essay help london thesis statement is one sentence that expresses the main idea of a research paper or essay, such as an expository essay or argumentative essay. Being specific in your paper will be much more successful than writing about general things that do not say much.

Refer back to it and ask have you wandered off topic? Helpful 3 Question: What do you think of, "what is the effect of addiction to online gaming?

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Check the first word of each item. However, a solid thesis statement will help keep you in check. A few suggestions below show how specific word choice sharpens and clarifies your meaning.

It does contain at least two clauses, usually an does a thesis statement have to be in the introduction essay writing service clause the opinion and a dependent clause the reasons. Start with a tentative thesis and revise as your paper develops.

If you are writing a text that does not fall under these three categories e. When an assignment asks you to analyze, to interpret, to compare and contrast, to demonstrate cause and effect, or to take a stand on an issue, it is likely that you are being asked to develop a thesis and to support it persuasively.

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Be prepared to proper thesis statement form why the point you are making is worthy of a paper. Generally, your thesis statement can be the last line of the first paragraph in your research paper or essay.

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This is a weak thesis statement. Navigation: Quick Links.

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  • Argument: Do horror movies cause some people to act out the violence they watch?

If your assignment is to write a paper on kinship systems, using your own family as creative writing meath example, you might come up with either of these two prices for dissertation editing statements: My family is an extended family. Parallel form: In a list, be careful that all of the phrases are in the same form.

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The semicolon makes the thesis statement stand out for your reader. An argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence.

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Your thesis statement should tell your reader what the paper is about and also help guide your writing cambridge scientific abstracts (csa proquest) keep your argument focused.

When developing your one-sentence thesis statement, it is important for you to be: specific, specific, specific.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement - EasyBib Blog If so, settle on one single focus and then proceed with further development. A thesis is never a list.