10 Creative Writing Exercises to Inspire You

Interesting creative writing activities, write about those...

Pretend to be someone else.

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Hello, you! How long can you keep the story going? Use those words to craft a poem.

Where That Place Used to Be: Think of a place you went to when you were younger but it now no longer there or is something else. Limerick: Write a limerick today.

Meet ya at the corner! Your Muse: Write about your muse — what does he or she look like?

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Flying: Write about having wings and what you would do. Or you can tell a story you learned cover letter for a supervisor position without experience school or through reading about a well-known person or event. Sounds: Sit outside for about an hour.

5 Fun Creative Writing Activities | Thoughtful Learning K

Write about what they do and say. Part of the fun of learning how to practice writing fiction is letting your imagination take over — without any heckling from your inner editor. Comedy Sample of application letter for security job Write something inspired by a comedian.

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Break down the steps in a way that makes the reader understand exactly what to do, without using business jargon or buzzwords. Word String Good diction can make the difference between an ordinary piece of writing and a spectacular one.

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On the TV: Flip to a random TV channel and write about the first thing that comes on creative writing one pa even if it is an infomercial! Set it Free: Think of a time when you had to let someone or something go to be free…did they come back?

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Instrumental Inspiration: Listen to some instrumental music personal reflective essay help write a poem that matches the mood, beat, and style of the music. Who are you?

In this exercise, you are writing to yourself at a younger cover letter for a supervisor position without experience. Alternatively, have them create a piece of flash fiction one word at a time, with each student contributing where possible. Close Help Entering your story is easy to do. Imagine your story!

Reader Suggested Activities

Sharing: Write about sharing something with someone else. The photographs can be close up headshots, distance shots, or activity shots.

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All Saints: Choose a saint and create a poem about his or her life. Grab a pen and blank pad and simply start writing.

Who does it belong to? Alphabetical Sentence To spark new and unusual ideas, have students work alone or in small groups to write a sentence where each subsequent word begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Begin a paragraph that begins with that sentence and limit cover letter for a supervisor position without experience length to 7 lines.

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When everyone has finished, have each individual or a member from each group read the passages aloud to the entire class or workshop. Timer: Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write. Make up new words.

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Will the story be distopian? Write about a person or event that has profoundly impacted you and changed your life.

11 Creative Writing Exercises (Write and improve your skills) Tear-Jerker: Watch a movie that makes you cry. Beat: Listen to music with a strong rhythm or listen to drum loops.

Get Well: Write a poem that will help someone who is sick feel better quick! Grocery Shopping: Write about an experience at the grocery store.

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Jury Duty: Write a short story or poem that takes place in a courtroom. Cinquain: Write a cinquain poem.

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Come to Life: Imagine ordinary objects have come to life. Country Mouse: Write about someone who grew up in the country visiting the city cover letter for a supervisor position without experience the first time.

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Write about doing laundry, dishes, and other cleaning activities. Breathing: Take a few minutes to do some deep breathing relaxation techniques. Decade: Choose a favorite decade and write about it.

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Chemistry: Choose an element and write a poem or story that uses that word in one of the lines.